Tensions in Digital Archive Creation

Course:  ENGL897, Independent Study: Tensions in Digital Archive Creation, Fall-Summer 2014-5, Dr. Pamela Vanhaitsma, Old Dominion University

Course Description:

The effort to digitize personal and library collections of underground press publications from the Civil Rights Era is growing due in large part to the work of Ken Wachsberger and James Lewes; however, the work is hindered by several looming questions:

  1. What are the copyright considerations for digitizing these newspapers?
  2. Who controls access to a digital collection?
  3. What is the best process for digitization?
  4. Who pays for the process of digitization itself?
  5. Who is responsible for maintaining the archive?

This independent study will build toward an article suitable for publication through weekly blog posts that explore the existing literature related to these question, identifying potential solutions as well as persistent questions in the effort to digitize the underground.

Course Work:

Click here to access blog postings and assignments for this course.

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